[Spridgets] looking for a heater air flap assy....

Brashear, Jack, N JNBrashear at garverengineers.com
Thu Jun 5 10:51:38 MDT 2008

You may want to phone McLeod's British Cars in the central Arkansas
area.  He has scads of used parts.  Phone 501.851.2640.  Just FYI.

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All Hail, Richard,

Thank you, Thank you.... I've been searching for a LBC wrecking yard
on the east side of the state for many years now and without luck!!
Now, at least, I have at least one... even if it is 250 miles away....
Always a good think to have...

Dave g.

On 5 Jun 2008 at 8:20, Richard Ball wrote:

>> f no one on the list has one you might try contacting British Auto
>> Center LTD. in West Seattle.  They run a British only wrecking yard
>> well as new parts.   British Auto Center LTD. 2938 SW Avalon Way
>> 935-0872 www.britishautocenter.com

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