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Bill L pythias at pacifier.com
Wed Jun 4 19:38:59 MDT 2008

Hello Spridgets,

        I've been using a click-adjust for a number of years, not
being all that good as determining a "sliding fit"... i have a cam by
OREGON CAM REGRINDERS that is recommended to have the valve lash set
at .018" HOT.... ..

i have always assumed that the threads on the adjusters were 1/4" 28
TPI. ...  that worked out mathematically (28 tpi X 30 clicks per
revolution, X .018) to 15 clicks..... been doing that for years.....

now i find out (thanks Hal) that they are 26 TPI!

i went back and read the instructions.. it says use 8 clicks to get
.012... hmmmm... something is off here.....me or the instructions....

so i went back and read a critique of the click-adjust. on thing is
that i've been using the math on the adjuster side, BUT there is that
1.2 or 1.3 to one ratio NOT taken into account.....hmmmm!  ?

if the instructions ARE correct, i should be using 12 clicks to get
.018 (8/12 = 12/18)....i've been running .022  HOT for a long time.....?

i have noticed that the engine doesn't like to go over 4500 rpm under
load... .... . would this be the effect?.. ..of too loose a valve

do i have to go back this weekend and set with feeler gauges before i
set out for LoTO, or should i leave it alone having been succesfully
running like this for years and reset it when i get home again?...

before i set them last weekend, i averaged 38.8+ mpg on a 500 mile
trip to Vancouver BC at 60 mph...
Best regards,
 Bill                          mailto:pythias at pacifier.com
 '66 Sprite HAN8L49403
      * "There's no need for silence," Tom allowed.

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