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Makes you wonder why they have more than one tap---all that tasteless stuff is the same.   Bud, bud light, miller, miller light.  Just recently our locals have begun carrying Yeungling, both on tap and in containers.  It is a huge step above the Bud conundrum and I have been ordering it.

 Yep--I have made several stabs at making my own brew over the years.  Some good, some awful.  I think the best I made was when I got away from using a "kit" and went to a brew store and  purchased real hops and real malt, and real ale yeast, etc., according to a recipe.  And I used spring water from a local spring to get away from chlorination.

There is a book available, yet, it's title is "The Idiot's Guide to Homebrewing."  Pretty good manual with recipes.

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> All this talk about Nutria got me thinking about beer.  Does anyone on this
> list brew their own beer?  If so, would you be willing to share do's and
> dont's off list with me.  I've been thinking about brewing my own, what with
> all the Bud Light BS around here.  I want some real beer, but around here,
> all you can get in the restaurants is Bud, Bud Light, blah, blah, blah.
> Jesus, what a monopoly they have.
> Heard Saxon
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