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Hey Dave,
Well, I do live at a place historically called Ft. Florida.  Since I now own
it, I have changed it to Ft. Floridaze.  It seems like this becomes your
prevailing condition when you get to sitting around looking at the river for
a while with a beer or six. So I need a good beer with a name that reflects
this...96 degrees in the shade, sitting around watching a tanin stained
river that frequently flows backward, gators, fish hawks, the moss covered
cypress, the old Ft. Florida steamboat landing dock pilings in my backyard,
Skynyrd on the radio, ...you get the idea.  But I need a good recipe first,
and I'm just sure some listers have been down this road.

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> All this talk about Nutria got me thinking about beer.  Does anyone on 
> this list brew their own beer? ....

Ya know, Heard Saxon Ale sounds like a winner David Lieb
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