[Spridgets] Got a picture??

derf derf247 at gmail.com
Wed Jun 4 13:07:31 MDT 2008

Pertronix are funny about wiring.  If you leave the key on and the
motor off, they can be damaged.  I had one in a boat a while back and
it worked great.  I never had trouble with it but I had the boat wired
so that I could run accessories separately from the engine.
I always preferred the Crane system or the system in the Isuzu dizzy
that I ran for a while in the Midget.
The last Midget I bought  had a similar problem when I got it.  The
points and condenser were changed, installed improperly, and the
ignition system was essentially grounded out.  The starter was also
toast, I assume due to the ignition being dead and someone trying to
get the thing to start.
I moved the wire in the dizzy to the insulator, fixed the starter, and
walla, running Spridget.

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