[Spridgets] Got a picture??

Jim Johnson bmwwxman at gmail.com
Wed Jun 4 01:34:49 MDT 2008

Anybody got a picture of the insides of a 45D4 dizzy (early 1275
application)? I need to figure out how the pigtail and the condensor wires
connect. Should have taken a pic before I changed to the Pertronix! Now
going back to points I'm a bit lost and the Haynes is no help.

The car died on Thursday. I found the Pertronix wire had come off the coil.
Put it back on and found no spark. Now even with the points back in it I
have no spark. Could the coil have shorted out when the wire came off?
Either that or I have something connected wrong in the dizzy....  It doesn't
seem to be in the ignition switch becuase everything else in that circuit is
working fine.
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