[Spridgets] Where are all the L.B.C.s??

Mike Rambour mikey at b2systems.com
Tue Jun 3 16:19:07 MDT 2008

 But why not drive the Sprite to work ?  my L.B.C. is in the parking lot 
here at UCSB and its here a few times a week ( I share my driving time 
with several cars ).


Weslake1330 at aol.com wrote:
> Mine is in my garage but if you are driving in Warwickshire Saturday I will  
> be driving it.  Today I had to go to work to earn a living.  Sadly  driving my 
> Sprite does not earn me a living...
> In a message dated 03/06/2008 19:50:56 GMT Daylight Time,  
> g.h.higgins at gmail.com writes:
> where  are
> all the sports cars?
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