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I missed out on the early posts of this thread, but in case there is any interest, let me tell you where I bought my current, and near future, computer system.  I am using a Gateway Pentium III which I have had for about 4 years.  I purchased it, with a big flat-screen (17". I believe) Gateway monitor, for $130.  I will soon be moving my hard drive and other peripherals in this unit to a Dell with a Pentium IV, which I purchased about 3 months ago for $35.  


I purchased the Gateway at a University of Tennessee surplus auction and the Dell at a U.S. Government surplus auction in Oak Ridge, TN.  You can, and I do, get on the lists of government agencies that frequently hold surplus auctions that will tell you when and where and the types of items up for auction.  Check out your local public universities and government agencies for their auctions.   They seem to update their equipment fairly frequently, leaving perfectly good equipment open for purchase at a fraction of its original value.

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> I think it is important to specify the nature of the use and the user. 
> There are a lot of people (myself included) who just use their computers for 
> e-mail, managing photos, typing, and web shopping.   Very little 
> speed/RAM/etc. is required for these applications, and pretty much any 
> 5-year-old machine will do, maybe with some cheap added RAM.  Don't scare 
> off these people because you are having trouble with the latest, hottest 
> game.
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