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Minators are nothing more than round boat anchors.  You'd be smart to pay the extra for Panasports or buy my 4.5 width American Racing Equipment magnesium silverstones.  They actually fit the square wheel arch without any modifying.

Mike Carpenter
Fairmont, West Virginia

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>Subject: [Spridgets] what's the story on Moss' "repro Mini-Lite alloy	wheels"?
>Just killing some time before I get back out on the river for the rest
>of the day, and I happened to be thinking about what kind of wheels I
>want to use on my MkI Midget restoration.  I see there is about a $90
>difference in price between the bolt-on Panasports, and the
>"reproduction Mini-Lites" that Moss lists.  Anybody have any experience
>with those "repros" from Moss?  By going to a 5" wheel width, of unknown
>offset, I'm wondering what sort of clearance issues I might encounter (I
>have no plans to go with anything wider than 155s, however).
>Bud Osbourne

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