[Spridgets] hif-6 tuning

Andy Webster a_d_webster at yahoo.com.au
Tue Jan 15 23:10:52 MST 2008

  I further bastardised my sprite on the weekend, fitting a 1 3/4" HIF SU and a titan manifold.
  just fits under the bonnet, I mean just... I had to omit the phenolic spacers to make it happen. (it is a newish SU with the higher profile black cap on the dashpot top..a slightly earlier HIF has the flatter cap and would be less of a clearance issue)
  It goes ok... but needs some tweaking.
  the low end response is better than with my tired twins, but if I floor it there is a big old flatspot, and the engine has to catch up before the power kicks back in.
  Does this mean I am running too rich, or need a different needle?
  Or have I just gone a bit over the top going that big? (engine is a 1293cc, with a bit of a cam, and headers)
  The carb doesn't have the piston lifting pin for tuning, but i used a skinny screwdriver to lift the piston a fraction and set the idle mixture to somewhere in the range.
  any tips appreciated.

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