[Spridgets] Datsun 5 speed on eBay

Andy Webster a_d_webster at yahoo.com.au
Tue Jan 15 21:04:02 MST 2008

There is always the toyota 5 spd conversion... more butchery involved.. but better ratios.. Dellow in Sydney Australia makes the "kit"...I use that word loosely coz it's really just a bellhousing. 
   Not as straightforward a job as the datsun... but if you can be bothered, it's a nice drive and you only ever need to use the clutch for standing starts!
  still plenty of toyota 5 speeds too...even though they go into just about anything over here... V8 guys go for the steel Supra box, 6 & 4 bangers go for the Celica & T-18 Corolla alloy boxes.
  the toyota overdrive is .86:1 compared to the datsuns .82:1, but the ratios from 1 - 3 are better sports car ratios than the datsuns.

Charlie <shelden3 at pldi.net> wrote:
Makes me feel like my 200.00 find last winter was worth while! I'd been 
searching for a while though locally. Seems most had been crushed according 
to the yards as anything more than 10 years old was wasting space.


>> I would already have Listed!!!! LOL There ARE more!!
> But the supply is dwindling fast. Face it, there was no other socially
> redeeming value to a Datsun 210. Many of them were not 5-speeds. Most have
> been crushed. The Morris guys are after them, too. This one had a mere
> 40,000 miles on it. No, I would not have paid that price, but the day will
> come when we will think it was worth it.
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