[Spridgets] [midgetsprite] Anyone care to host photos?

Wm. Severin Thompson wsthompson at thicko.com
Thu Jan 10 05:47:32 MST 2008


Ibm not sure what the issue is. I wouldnbt expect 40+ year old carbs to
come back looking new when brebuiltb. They werenbt bremanufacturedb.
I think they look fine.

Ibve taken the bells and placed them in a tumbler I have that uses corn cob
media, and let them run for a few hoursb& they end up looking prettier
without looking polished like some sort of street tuner junk.

Do they work well?


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Charlie Shelden was kind enough to host these photos
Look at the screws for the bells and the bells themselves
All comments appreciated

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Go get yourself a Flickr account at Yahoo and put them there. Easy and
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On 1/9/08, Brad Fornal < tequila.brad at gmail.com
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> I got the Curto carbs back today. They look clean, servicable, and I can
> tell more, once I get the engine going. If anyone is willing to host some
> photos, I'll send some, so that others can see what they look like before
> they lay out almost $400.
> For those building a "hot rod" engine, these carbs are NOT shiny and
> purty.
> My opinion is, you spend that kind of money on an escort, not that I ever
> have, (shut the F up ED!!) she better be damn nice looking, not just
> "clean
> and servicable".
> I was very insistent that the carbs look as close to factory as possible.
> Since I wasn't even born, when the Bugeye was in production, I was not old
> enough to have ever seen one on the showroom floor. Thus, I don't know if
> they were shiny when new, or not. Once these photos are posted, I would
> love
> to hear from those list members, that DID buy new, to see if these look
> correct.
> If you need carbs redone, just be aware, I send mine off October 21st, and
> they came back January 9th. Your milage may vary, as I did have two
> holidays
> thrown into the rebuild process.
> If no one offers to host, I'll put them up on myspace. I know you have to
> start the free membership to view them there, and most of you don't want
> to
> mess with that, that is why I am sending this out.
> Brad

> .

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