[Spridgets] cruise control

Kate kgb at frontiernet.net
Wed Apr 30 16:17:49 MDT 2008

I have to agree with this.  All my American vehicles are equipped with 
cruise, but I seldom, if ever, use it.  The first reason is that I find 
it easier to stay awake on long trips if I am actually driving the car, 
but my fuel economy increases without the cruise.  The cruise control is 
constantly adjusting the throttle which reduces economy any place other 
than on long, flat, straight roads.  People often ask how my old 
Cherokee manages to get nearly 30 MPG on trips, and I tell them that I 
don't use the cruise control.  I sometimes forget to mention that the 
emission control system has been disabled, but I'm sure that would have 
nothing at all to do with fuel economy.


Billy Zoom wrote:
> Cruise control lowers mileage considerably. It constantly changes the
> throttle to maintain a constant speed.
> Holding constant throttle improves mileage.

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