[Spridgets] audiovox cruise control

David Lieb dbl at chicagolandmgclub.com
Wed Apr 30 15:18:12 MDT 2008

>I had some trouble getting the new cruise control to hold speed above 
> so I searched the web for answers.
> If you have one of these and its working great, ignore this.  This refers 
> only
> to an Audiovox CCS100 cruise control in a Spridget.
> Set the PPM for 8000, set it for ECM, high sensitivity and don't bother 
> with
> the magnet sensor or VSS wire.  Run it "tach only".
> Without the magnet, its gets all it needs to know from the coil.  You can 
> just
> cut off the fat gray wire.

Ya know, I almost emailed you when you posted about hooking up the magnet, 
but you sounded as if was working for you. That is the same result I had 
with mine. The only conclusion I was able to come up with was that it 
figured that the rpm of the driveshaft with a 3.9 and 13" tires represented 
too great of a speed. Like you, I researched and called AudioCVox's tech 
support to no avail. As soon as I set the switch for tach signal only, I was 
good to go.
David Lieb 

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