[Spridgets] Brake bleed question

Deikis, John G John.Deikis at va.gov
Tue Apr 29 10:08:48 MDT 2008

Just last night I was looking through recipes to have something ready
for Grattan. I was thinking of something a bit more summery than stout,
though.  How about an American Pale Ale?  I'd trade Peter 5 gallons for
a set of rear shocks (exchange, of course).



PPP and I are pretty loyal to Ron (much to his dismay), but we can be
with some good micro-brew (we are both a bit partial to Stout and
Porter) or
Martinis or Manhattans.

Be aware, though, that Ron lets Peter torque his (lug) nuts.  I'm not
sure what to make of that.


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