[Spridgets] Only 2 days left for Conclave 2008 early registration discount

Rick Snover ricksnover at earthlink.net
Mon Apr 28 14:42:24 MDT 2008

Doh! I was filling out my Gymkhana form, and I just noticed that there's a 

At 12:41 PM 4/28/2008, Rick Snover wrote:
>...If you're planning to run the Gymkhana, you also need to visit 
>http://www.austinhealeyconclave.com/ and print, complete and return the form.

PRIOR TO MAY 1st. That's this Thursday, so you'll probably need to scan and 
email it to mailto:clsharp100 at aol.com. The classes and the number of 
trophies will be determined by these forms getting submitted, so if you 
want your car to be in a class where it can compete for a trophy you should 
get busy soon.


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