[Spridgets] Scottish games

Glen Byrns grbyrns at ucdavis.edu
Mon Apr 28 10:57:04 MDT 2008

What a long weekend.  16 hours of bagpipes and hot sun.  Huge beer bellies
hanging over kilts.  Drunk punks with a beer in each hand, pouring it over the
side of a 1948 Triumph roadster as they lean forward to look in the
rumbleseat.  Three different people telling me how fast their
friend/brother/aquaintance's Bugeye was after they put in a V-8.  Smile and
deal with the slight taste of throw-up in the back of the throat.  No, your
darling child may NOT be photographed sitting on Bugsy's bonnet. No, I don't
"have one for the other foot?".  No I don't want to hear a half-hour story
about your English car that turns out to be an English car shell draped over a
Chevy chassis and V8.  No, a rusted out 80's XJ6 in a field is not a treasured
classic I should drive an hour to check-out.

Three Sprite/Midget owners with enthusiasm and parts needs.  One will be
contacting Peter for shock rebuilds, one will be trading me a spin-on adaptor
for the original metal oil-filter can (she's an originality nutter, go
figure), and the other will be bringing their Midget to the upcoming show and
joining the list.  None will be going to Missouri despite arm twisting.

Glen "pass on the Haggis this year" Byrns

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