[Spridgets] POR15 for the undercarriage

Linda Grunthaner grunthaner at gmail.com
Wed Apr 23 19:31:48 MDT 2008

Other than a rotisserie body job on a Spridget is it advisable to paint the
undercarriage with POR 15 http://www.por15.com/prodinfo.asp?grp=1&dept=1 I
have been reading a lot about it and it is supposed to be great stuff for
the under body of cars & tractors. I found this great video on the VW forums
of this needle tool to chisel off the old undercoating on my VW bus and
wanted to share it with the group, for those with Spridget's with
undercoating. They say it works on removing undercoating better than the
gasket scraper. They it is suggested to paint with POE15, the paint loos so
good I'd like to put it on my Sprite too. Has anyone ever used it if so do
you thin it with for a sprayer or is this some thick brush on product?




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