[Spridgets] Questions on Changing the Oil Pan....

Peter C peter at nosimport.com
Wed Apr 23 15:32:52 MDT 2008

To add to Glen's mail.
Wear goggles... oil will drip while you're there.
If you're bored, take a look at the #4 rod bearings... prolly want changing.
I use a 7/16 1/4" drive socket with a piece of paper or gum or some 
sort of filler in it so the screws are longer.
I find a jack under the pan to be helpful holding it tight against the block.
Change the corks (don't trim) or use the rubber if available. (1275s 
only, I believe)

Peter C

At 04:13 PM 4/23/2008, Glen Byrns wrote:
>The rounded bits are part of the gasket seal for the pan.  It can be done
>from below if the two Allen screws in the bottom of the front plate are the
>correct length and don't protrude too much.  The pan will hang up if those
>two screws stick through the front plate too far.  Be sure to clean the
>block and main bearing contact surfaces with a bit of laquer thinner on a
>rag to get a good seal from the gasket sealer you will be liberally
>applying.  I would swap out the crescent seals as well as the pan edge
>gaskets since its hard to get the old cork (or rubber) clean enough to stick
>well to the gasket sealer.  I've used both the rubber and the cork main
>seals with both rubber and paper pan gaskets.  All seemed to seal well
>enough if clean and used with sealer.  I use Form-a-gasket #2 non-hardening
>out of habit.  Works well enough, every store has it, hasn't let me down.
>I'm sure most any decent gasket sealer will do the job.
>A nut driver handle with a long extension and a 7/16" shallow socket is a
>great help in getting the whole mess snugged up in a hurry.
> > The front half of the oil pan on my beast is badly dented (DPO).
> > I have acquired a used spare. It's rusty, needs cleaning and painting but
> > otherwise it's straight.
> >
> > Q1. Can the pan be dropped on a MKIII wothout removing anything else??
> > Q2. Is it a just case of a new paper gasket and bolting the new one up?
> > Q3.  Or will I have to do something special about the two rounded bits at
> > each end.. (a bad description, but I'm not that techical with names!!)
> >
> > TIA
> >
> > --
> > Dave G.   KK7SS

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