[Spridgets] Scottish Games

Glen Byrns grbyrns at ucdavis.edu
Wed Apr 23 10:49:51 MDT 2008

I'm signed up with the local LBC club to show Bugsy at the Scottish games in
Woodland both days this weekend.  Most of the club is Triumphs, so I've got to
show the flag.  Two days of huge hairy-chested, skirt wearing, beer-swilling,
rock-tossing monsters with funny accents.  Some of the guys drink beer too.

Haggis for lunch and bagpipes for background music.  Its kind of fun for an
hour or two, but two days will be trying.  The best reason to do these types
of shows is to cultivate leads for the next project.  People come up to you
and say things like "My neighbor has one of those in his shed", or "I saw you
here last year and brought this original Sprite Owner's manual to give you in
case you were here again this year"(actually happened three years ago!).

I told my wife that I wouldn't BUY another LBC, but you can see the loophole
there, right?  So I'll just eat my haggis, wipe the bugs off the paint now and
again, and wait for the guy who's going to step up and say those magic words,
"I'd just GIVE it to someone who would fix it up and drive it."


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