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Unfortunately, since the Beat and the Figaro were both first produced in 
1991, it will be at least another 8 years before you can bring one into the 
country and drive it on the streets without meeting EPA and DOT rules.

A friend of mine bought a Ferrari race car from a museum in Germany and it 
cost him another $80,000 to make it legal for the road here.  One of these 
cars might not be that expensive, but how much less will it have to be 
before you would do it?  I wouldn't doubt that it would cost more than the 
car did when new.


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Way more fun is the Nissan Figaro  (I WILL have one someday) and the  Nissan 

Go here http://www.sussexsportscars.co.uk/figaro/

While roaming around England the Figaro was a real head-turner for Jane and 


There's a guy in Canada that has Figaros on eBay from time to time. He also 
sells a number of Honda Beat cars. More modern looking than the Figaro but 
way cool too!

1960 Bugeye
1975 Midget - trailerparked queen - soon to be replaced by the latest 
1973 Midget

PS - anybody need a 1975 shell?
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