[Spridgets] Monday Morning News

Peter C peter at nosimport.com
Tue Apr 22 08:50:27 MDT 2008

At 08:46 AM 4/22/2008, David Lieb wrote:
> >I can't hear or see the word escargot without thinking about the caption
> > under a cartoon of a snail driving a porsche: "Look at that S car go!".

I believe the cartoon was of a 4CV

>For that matter, Sears had a line of roof-top lugage carriers for cars
>called S-Cargo ;-)

Way more fun is the Nissan Figaro  (I WILL have one someday) and the 
Nissan S-Cargo.

Go here http://www.sussexsportscars.co.uk/figaro/

While roaming around England the Figaro was a real head-turner for Jane and I.

Peter C.

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