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Yeah, well, I'm gonna have to take your word on that, Jim.

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We call 'em Turkey Fries around here. They are common and delicious.  You can
also get Calf Fries and Pig Fries - both epicurean delights.


On 4/21/08, Larry Daniels <ladaniels at sbcglobal.net> wrote:
  Here is a note from this morning's Philadelphia Inquirer.
  No comment from me is needed.

  Yet another reason to to avoid South Dakota: The Sioux Falls Canaries,
  an independent league team, are selling fried turkey testicles at their
  ballpark, according to the team's Web site. They're called - we're not
  making this up - Fowl Balls. "[They] will make a perfect complement to a
  cold beer at the Birdcage," said Bill Sedelmeier, the club's director of
  food and beverage services. "Fans will be able to choose from dipping
  sauces including ranch, barbecue, and bleu cheese." Apparently, turkey
  testicles are sold elsewhere, primarily in Asia and in some rural bars
  in the Midwest. ". . . Buy me some peanuts and turkey testicles."

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