[Spridgets] Gas Prices and the 50th

Mike Rambour mikey at b2systems.com
Mon Apr 21 11:34:31 MDT 2008

  Here in Santa Barbara, gas has been over $4 for a week now, I paid 
$4.21 for the cheap stuff last night.  Never thought I would see the day 
(or maybe hoped I would never see the day) where it costs $60 to fill up 
a small gas tanked Honda S2000, can hardly wait to have to fill up my 
GMC truck

 Chevron around the corner from my work is $4.24 Regular and $4.45 for 
Premium this morning.   For the first time in 30 years of marriage my 
wife and I are having to budget gas costs into our summer vacation 
plans, gas was always so minor that we never took the freeways and 
always took the scenic detours and never totaled the gas costs into our 
vacation, this year its "You want to go to that lake for the afternoon 
or have an extra vacation day or 2?"

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