[Spridgets] Chico Brit show

Glen Byrns grbyrns at ucdavis.edu
Mon Apr 21 08:47:59 MDT 2008

I drove Bugsy to the Chico All-Brit Car and Motorcycle show this Sunday.  It
had been moved from a local park to the fairway of a local Country Club.  Laid
out on a fairway like a real grown-up Concourse show.  There was even a guy
sliding absorbent pads under the cars as they pulled into position.  The
things all blew away in 2 seconds and kept him chasing them around all day, so
there are 200 black spots on the #1 fairway this morning....HA!

Bugsy was the ONLY bugeye Sprite in attendance.  Two SBs and two midgets.
Morris pick-ups(3!), convertible Morris, a Traveler, many Jags, MKI, II,
E-type, XK120, 140 and modern.  Lots of Triumphs.  A Marcos XP got a ton of
attention and looked awesome.  A chopped and dropped Jag saloon with a flame
job certainly stood out from the others with its huge sidepipes and tires.
Two Aston Martins owned by the same person stood side by side, one old one
Nice show, cool temps, beautiful setting, BBQ tri-tip sandwiches and beer,
stupid judging class structure, all in all a good day.
The EFI Sprite started easily on a cold morning, ran great at 75-80MPH most of
the way and still got 27MPH at those speeds and didn't get hot.

The cruise control w/vacuum tank should arrive this week and complete my
preparations for "the big drive".

Glen Byrns

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