[Spridgets] Flasher question

Lester oldsaabguy at comcast.net
Wed Apr 16 10:43:54 MDT 2008

... and "E" is for??  ;-) Even more than...


On Apr 16, 2008, at 11:10 AM, Peter C wrote:

> L is for the way you ....  light the lamp....  Actually from the  
> Switch
> P is for the way you tell it's on... Pilot lamp (on dash)
> X is very very, extraordinary, (it's the power feed from a ignition
> controlled supply.)
>          Peter C.
> =======================
> At 11:01 AM 4/16/2008, David Booker wrote:
>> Guys - I have a customer who asked this question of our tech
>> line.  They didn't know, so they asked me as the resident Midget
>> owner in hopes I could find out and answer the customer.  I in turn
>> am asking my expert resource - the list!
>>   Here's the question: On the Flasher unit for Midgets (sorry,
>> don't have a year), there are three terminals in a !_!
>> configuration - picture the exclamation points as the upright
>> terminal blades.  The three are labeled L, P, and X.  Does anybody
>> know what each of them actually connect to?
>>   Thanks,

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