[Spridgets] wheel bearing question

Peter C peter at nosimport.com
Wed Apr 16 09:11:38 MDT 2008

HOLD IT!   There is no similarity between and MGB and a Spridget 
front wheel hub and bearing beyond the number of bearings, a seal, 
and the fact that they both have 4 studs. COMPLETELY different 
original design. DO NOT apply one repair procedure to the other.

Leo, your problem could be a worn hub where the ID especially for the 
outer bearing is worn. Using the Unipart/Moss supplied bearing kit 
with the narrow-width outer race exacerbates the problem. I have 20 + 
hubs here with that same problem, and we are working on a solution. 
(we actually have the solution, just trying to figure if anyone would 
pay for it)

Did you use the narrow-width outer race bearing? If so, a different 
outer bearing may solve it.

         Peter C
At 09:00 AM 4/16/2008, David Lieb wrote:

> > Isn't there a nice video by the University Motors Guy, John
> > Somethingorother, that shows the MGB hub assembly.  Does the same
> > general technique apply to Spridgets?  I can't remember.
>IIRC, the early MGB was quite similar to the Spridget wheel bearings.
>Interesting that the Spridget manuals never discuss the concept of shimming,
>but the MGB manuals do... Might want to glom onto an MGB manual and check
>out the procedure.
>David Lieb

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