[Spridgets] The Paul A Fund ... A lirttle update & clarification

Peter Shull pdx.pete at verizon.net
Tue Apr 15 12:59:53 MDT 2008

Although I do not have access to all the details, it looks as if Paul will 
be receiving a fair amount of assistance (from the pharmaceutical 
companies?) with the cost of two of the chemotherapy agents he is, or will 
be, taking.

This is very good news in that these drugs are hugely expensive (think 
thousands of dollars) and the burden of having to make the co-pay for them 
out-of-pocket would have been crushing.

Those donations that have been coming in are still important in that they 
will help defray other expenses already incurred and those that will be 
associated with the next round of treatment.

As I understand it, this next round will likely involve bone marrow 
transplants or procedures with stem cells or other things that cannot be 

Thanks so very much,


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From: "Hal Faulkner" <hal at katemuir.com>

.  The medical bills are only part of the problem as Paul has been
> unable spend much time keeping his business going, thus reducing his 
> income.
> If any member would like to contribute to a friend in need, please feel 
> free
> to donate to the Paul A Fund through Peter Schull.  Instructions from Pete
> are:
> "Checks are preferable and can be made out to: Paul A Fund
> The checks can be sent to me:
> Peter Shull
> 1405 NE Village Street
> Fairview OR 97024
> Alternatively, they can be sent to:
> Julie A Miler
> US Bank, Cherry Park Branch
> 2541 SW Cherry Park Road
> Troutdale OR 97060

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