[Spridgets] gas prices/Delta cruise

Glen Byrns grbyrns at ucdavis.edu
Tue Apr 15 10:27:22 MDT 2008

$4.05 for premium(91) at the local 76 station Sunday.  Only 5.1 gallons of it,
but still................

I took Bugsy on a 100mi local club drive into the Sacramento delta this last
Sunday and it was fun.  A little slow for me, but the weather was perfect and
it was quite scenic.  The ferry operator was all smiles as he loaded 7 LBCs
onto the little delta ferry.  If a local contractor in his biga$$ truck hadn't
been at the head of the waiting line, we'd have gotten all  8 on a ferry that
usually carries 6 cars.  As is a big Healey had to wait for the next trip.
The sharp ramp angle caused the Big Healey to knock a wire off the fuel pump
and led to FIVE guys pushing it up to the top of the levee for repairs.  Now I
have a new take on the "big" in big Healey.

As our line of LBCs (4 Triumphs, 2 big Healeys, 1 Marina, and Bugsy) wove
through the delta, we passed a line of Harley guys out for a cruise.  One of
the oncoming riders extended his arm as our lines passed and then he pointed
straight at Bugsy as we got even with each other and gave me a big nod.  Must
have been a closet Sprite lover. A man of fine taste no doubt.

Glen Byrns

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