[Spridgets] [midgetsprite] Re: Gasoline/Diesel $

Robert E. Shlafer pilotrob at msn.com
Tue Apr 15 04:53:09 MDT 2008

Assuming an original, you've got the (H) or "high compression" 8.8-1 1275 which likes 98RON if I recall the factory manual

Now the mfg. was conservative on this, considering he was warrantying the motor.

Here in the US octane is shown as pump octane or PON. Usually, 3 numbers are added to get a "ballpark" RON from PON.

So even our Citgo 93PON (96RON)
comes up a bit short but as I said, BMC
was conservativve when it came to recommended octanes.

British and Europeans have 98RON available at the pump I believe. And probably Austraiia as well?

What say you, Colin??


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