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Well tinydog, if you like tiny dogs, then I see your point. If you  
look at the profile of a RB Midget, it has a nice flow to it. I never  
said it was the best. THe RB MGB's on the other hand are a bad attempt  
to graft something onto a pretty decent style. But it also has the  
wheels stuck a foot inside.

I like the older Spridgets, but I think they have the front end cut  
off, kinda like a modern SUV. I am only speaking about profile, from  
about any other angle (and on a RB Midget, the rear is the worst), a  
Spridget has a "design follows function" ideal to it.


On Apr 13, 2008, at 1:21 PM, tinydog at snet.net wrote:

> tinydog sez:
> If the E-type and Big Healey were "designs gone badly wrong", then  
> that puts the rubber-bumper Midget and MGB in a whole new light.
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>> I actually beg to disagree. IMHO the E-Type is an odd looking duck.
>> Want's to be a swan, but failed, and failed badly. Long nose, longer
>> than needs be, wheels stuck a foot inside the wheel wells (which,  
>> is the worst design element on the car), Can't possibly work on the
>> damn thing. Way overpriced new and worse now-a-days. I could go on,
>> but I expect I will be severely abused.
>> Just not my cuppa tea, I have no interest in an E-Type. I think a big
>> healey looks better, but I think that is a design gone badly wrong as
>> well.
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