[Spridgets] Rear Axel Question

Mark mark at nashvilletn.org
Sat Apr 12 11:44:05 MDT 2008

I replaced my rear axels with new hard versions last night and I found that 
the old axels had bigger holes (7/16) for the wheel studs.  The studs had 
some rust on them that made the new axels a tight fit until I cleaned them 
up.  I wonder now if the old axels were drilled out for larger wheel studs? 
I have found other things on my car that lead me to think it was raced at 
one time or another before it was returned to the road.  The new good axels 
are installed and fit right with 3/8 studs.  I guess I need confirmation 
that original axels should have 3/8 stud holes.


58 "Bugeye"

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