[Spridgets] Concours question - Paint colour on bottom side offloor pans, boot, etc.

Robert Bruce Evans b-evans at earthlink.net
Sat Apr 5 21:06:10 MST 2008

Well, here we go again.   Just like gas caps, boot arrows, radiator
stanchions, etc.,  it all depends on who you talk to, and especially if
they were an ORIGINAL owner, or someone relating a handed down story.

When back in the Mesozoic Era I drove my brand-spanking new Sprite out the
door of Bluff City Buick and Imports in Memphis, the bottom of the floor
pan was  painted in what I would today call a "satin" black.  It had NO
undercoating underneath the car.  The interior of the wheel wells had an
oil-based, gooey undercoat, then over-painted the exterior color of the
car, in my case, white.   (The interior of the floor pans and the hump 
also had the gooey black undercoating topped by white paint.)   The
interior of the boot was the brown primer throughout.

Having messed with it for so long, I cannot imagine why anyone would want
to muck around with that gooey black undercoat!   Even for concours!

Buster Evans
Anaheim, California   

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> From: Geoff Muttart <gmuttart at eastlink.ca>
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> Date: 4/5/2008 5:51:37 PM
> Subject: [Spridgets] Concours question - Paint colour on bottom side
offloor pans, boot, etc.
> Is the paint black or body colour on the bottom side of the floor pans,
> boot, etc.?  I can't find a clear direction in the Concours Guidelines and
> I've recently viewed an allegedly unrestored unmolested (except for brake
> repairs and replacement gas cap and distributor cap) original car
> with original rubber mats) that has black paint on the underside of the
> Thanks
> Geoff Muttart
> Nova Scotia, Canada
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