[Spridgets] Pauls 5 speed kits

David Lieb dbl at chicagolandmgclub.com
Fri Apr 4 13:55:07 MST 2008

>I have nothing negative to say about Rivergate.  BUT, I would wait for
> Paul's kit, too.

I have the Rivergate kit in my Midget and my Bugeye. They are excellent. My 
understanding is that the alloy used in the Rivergate adapter plate is 
better than that in Paul's, but not that there is any need for it to be 
better. IMHO, Rivergate's is engineered for racing applications, Paul's is 
more oriented around Morris Minors. Rivergate helicoils all the holes in the 
aluminum plate, Paul does not. I like the concept of re-drilling the 
flywheel for the Datsun pressure plate like Paul does, but the Rivergate 
system works just fine as well.

Both are gentlemen and provide good products and good support. I appreciate 
that Rivergate has a warning on their website about inferior adapter kits 
for Datsun transmissions, but has a paragraph in there stating that

"We wish to point out that we have never seen this failure due to 
misalignment on the adapter kit built by Paul Aspeirsson at Morris Motors. 
Our impression is that he builds good stuff."

OK, he can't spell Paul's last name right, but then neither can I.
David Lieb
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