[Spridgets] first post/blown head gasket?

Glen Byrns grbyrns at ucdavis.edu
Tue Apr 1 10:04:05 MST 2008

If the radiator AND overflow tank were filled before the drive, then some 
would certainly overflow once hot from a drive. The overflow tank is 
designeds to be about half full when cold.   As the constantly full radiator 
heats up, some coolant is pushed into the overflow tank, and as it cools, 
the gurgle would be coolant from the overflow tank going back into the 
radiator.  Remove the radiator cap, start the engine and look for bubbles as 
you gently rev the engine.  No bubbles, no problem.


> My first post!
> I am Very new to MG's and I am reviving a long mistreated 74 midgit.  This 
> weekend I took it out for a nice drive and other than some occasional 
> bucking that i attributed to water in the tank (i live in PA) she drove 
> fine.  But when I got home I saw that I was leaking antifreeze out from 
> under neath the overflow bottle cap.  Once the car cooled i heard a 
> gurgling sound.  when it completely cooled I opened the radiator and saw 
> that it was filled.  The coolant was nice and clear/green.  And the oil 
> was also clear.
> I have blown head gaskets in other cars (nissan sentra) and when I opened 
> the radiator it looked like pudding, but an all experts.com mg car repair 
> site said it might be the head gasket.
> the temp never registered other than normal and my oil pressure was fine.
> any ideas or is it something as simple as the cap isnt on tight enough?
> thanks
> ryan

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