[Spridgets] EFI bugeye HP numbers

Glen Byrns grbyrns at ucdavis.edu
Tue Apr 1 09:10:37 MST 2008

Since the dyno appointment, I've calibrated the Megasquirt to match up to the
dyno numbers.  After logging several runs out on a level road with
foot-to-the-floor passes in all gears, I analyzed the data for each gear
individually and found that bugsy is generating 110HP at the wheels in 2nd,
3rd and 4th at about 4500rpm and 10lbs of boost.  For a minute there I thought
I was getting 130HP at the wheels, but putting the CORRECT car/driver weight,
rear-end and gear ratios and smoothing the curve brought me back to earth.

That said, I'm done messing with the fuel and timing tables and on to hooking
up the last bells and whistles that are on the circuit board.  This weekend I
got the computer to take over the electric radiator fan.  Works great, set the
"on" point at any temp you want, set the hysteresis, and Bob's your uncle.
The only remaining problem is the tachometer.  With the spark circuit in the
Megasquirt, you can't drive the elec. tach from the coil neg. side as usual.
I added a tach driver circuit as recommended, but so far, still no tach
movement.  Hardly a deal breaker since I can tell the RPM by ear pretty much,
but I'm not done fussing with it yet.  Total victory will be mine!!!

Glen Byrns

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