[Spridgets] Hotel Reservations for "50 Years of Spridgets"

Jim Johnson bmwwxman at gmail.com
Fri Nov 30 15:08:03 MST 2007

For those making hotel reservations....  (and you should do so soon!
It is filling up)

A few people indicated that when they called for reservations they
were told the hotel was completely booked.  Well....   it is in a
way...   The celebration "50 Years of Spridgets" has the entire hotel
reserved so if you don't tell them you are with the Spridgets group
you won't a) get the special room rate and b) get a room at all!  Just
be sure to tell them you are with the "Spridgets" group.

Also, FYI, things are coming together very nicely for the grand event!
 Lots of nice Spridgetly surprises and some reall great events in the
works.  One of the available road tours takes in some great historic
spots on the "Mother Road" as well as winery tours and some great
Missouri caves - its an all day deal.  Peter Caldwell will be doing
his shock seminar and Frank Clarici is doing some tech stuff too.
He'll only have an hour or two though so probably on about 5 Bugeye
total restorations...   ;-)

Bookings are going very well with our hotel commitment already about
2/3rds met so get those room reservations in or you may find yourself
stuck at another hotel away from the action.

Oh, don't forget to get your pre-registration done on the website!!
Your early registration fees help us with the cost of event insurance,
park rental fees, advertising...etc. to make the event even better.
Many thanks to those who have already pre-registered!!

If you are coming in from the southwest, south or southeast, look up
the "Pig Tail" in northwest Arkansas!  It is one o the best driving
roads in America. Ask Larry Macy.... ;-)
Jim - 68 "Spridget" in Dodge City
Don't miss "50 Years of Spridgets" at Lake of the Ozarks, June 26-29, 2008!!
For info and registration... <http://www.Sprite-MidgetClub.org>

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