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I know what you mean.  I still drool over the white with red interior Bugeye racer that you picked up.  That kind of find is not fair!  You seem to know where the great ones are!

Mike C

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>Do not discount (no pun intended) the ever rising value of Bugeyes here in
>the US. There are a fair amount of them... but "correct" ones are far and
>few between, and original (read...never painted, modified, bent, rusted, or
>butchered) unrestored cars are really hard to come by.
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>I think the difference is that in Britain all of their creations are more
>valuable because very small percentage remained there.
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>>The September issue of the English magazine "Classic Cars" carried a brief
>article on the rising value of the Frogeye/Bugeye.  The article quotes Gary
>Lazarus of the British Midget and Sprite Club in part:
>>.     "You can get a basket case restoration for about two grand ($4,115),
>but a good car will cost you about #10,000 ($20,578).
>>.     "If any cars have risen dramatically in value, it is the absolutely
>pristine original examples---one sold recently in the States for $35,000
>(#17,500), but driver-friendly modifications such as disc brakes and
>five-speed gearboxes keep values lower in the eyes of collectors.  That
>seems like a good thing---the Sprog-eyed Fright is set to continue as a
>good-value affordable Fifties sportster---and that's a very rare thing."
>>I wonder where the $35,000 was spent, and what people here believe
>Frogeye/Bugeyes are really worth these days.  (I really can't see Frank
>paying $4K for a basket case.)
>>Buster Evans

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