[Spridgets] Frogeye/Bugeye values

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Do not discount (no pun intended) the ever rising value of Bugeyes here in
the US. There are a fair amount of them... but "correct" ones are far and
few between, and original (read...never painted, modified, bent, rusted, or
butchered) unrestored cars are really hard to come by.

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I think the difference is that in Britain all of their creations are more
valuable because very small percentage remained there.


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>The September issue of the English magazine "Classic Cars" carried a brief
article on the rising value of the Frogeye/Bugeye.  The article quotes Gary
Lazarus of the British Midget and Sprite Club in part:
>.     "You can get a basket case restoration for about two grand ($4,115),
but a good car will cost you about #10,000 ($20,578).
>.     "If any cars have risen dramatically in value, it is the absolutely
pristine original examples---one sold recently in the States for $35,000
(#17,500), but driver-friendly modifications such as disc brakes and
five-speed gearboxes keep values lower in the eyes of collectors.  That
seems like a good thing---the Sprog-eyed Fright is set to continue as a
good-value affordable Fifties sportster---and that's a very rare thing."
>I wonder where the $35,000 was spent, and what people here believe
Frogeye/Bugeyes are really worth these days.  (I really can't see Frank
paying $4K for a basket case.)
>Buster Evans

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