[Spridgets] 67 Progress if anybody cares

Dave G. dmg at bossig.com
Fri Nov 30 10:30:11 MST 2007


On 30 Nov 2007 at 8:45, Robert Bruce Evans wrote:
>> Then we Yanks really do look like "The Ugly American" 
>> in Southeast Asia!

Don't feel alone....
I spent quite a while in Hong Kong, Singapore and associated areas..
There is quite a large group of what we ex-pats used to call "Bloody Brits"
Usually ex-pats working in Business and the Police Force who were 
"obviously" better that the locals...
In Europe, Japanese tourists have a reputation of not tipping and the 
French like the German money but not theior attitudes.. 

I suppose it all depends on what piece of land you're standing on

BTW I was a 'Brit" but have been a 'Yank' for more years that I care to 
admit to  <G>

Dave G, KK7SS
'65 MKIII Sprite, Richland, WA

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