[Spridgets] This is American Music Revue (O.T. on most lists)

Brad Fornal tequila.brad at gmail.com
Wed Nov 28 10:56:30 MST 2007

I spent last night in Denton, for the This is American Music Revue. Grand
Champeen, from Austin, TX (Michael Crow is a f'n BAD ASS guitar player),
Glossary, from Murfreesboro, TN, Two Cow Garage from Columbus, OH, and The
Drams from Denton, all shared the stage as one band or another, over the
span of almost 3 hours of music. The show was topped off by members of
ALL the bands on stage, paying homage to Tom Petty's, American Girl.
Seems that the bands drank 4 cases of beer, plus some whiskey, at
Brent's house the night before, and after some rehearsing, they sat
down with the new 4 hour Petty DVD to watch.
I gotta tell you, it was a DAMN fine cover, considering that only
Champeen actually knew the song. I have it on the web at...
If any of you folks are near Kansas City, they are playing there
tonight. Chicago tomorrow, Milwaukee on Friday, and ending it in St.
Louis Saturday. GET YOUR ASSES THERE!!!
For you guys on the car lists, Glossary has their new cd, The Better Angels
of Our Nature, for free download on their site.
But once you hear it, you will want to buy the bands copy, to help
support good music.
If you motorheads can't get worked up over track 7, Gasoline Soaked
Heart, try track 10, Blood on the Knobs (my favorite, so far)


Tequila Brad


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