[Spridgets] Hey Wisco and IL guys

David Woerpel dwoerpel at wi.net
Wed Nov 28 10:46:29 MST 2007

Wm. Severin Thompson wrote:
> Ebay Item number: 300176981552
> Wm. Severin Thompson
Somebody really ought to pick this up!  It's going to need a full 
restoration if you want original, but if you want to drive it for a few 
years first then I don't believe it would need much.  It's almost 
identical in condition to mine when I bought it and then I drove it for 
10 years before restoration.  Interesting routing for the windscreen 
washer line (I don't see a washer pushbutton on the dash in it's usual 
place either).  Is that a fuel filter on the left inner fender?  I would 
be willing to look at it for someone if you so desire.

59 :{)
59 MGA 1500
05 MCS
Burlington WI

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