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Same slopes, different places.  :-)

Guy R Day

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> Guy, R Day,
> Oh I have, and know exactly how scarey it is!! The
> Lake District hills, like the Welsh ones, make
> sure of that!
> What I was meaning was that the mere presence of
> old water contaminated fluid doesn't itself reduce
> braking efficiency.
> It is only when that water in the system boils
> that it then causes brake fade.
> And the boiling isn't just due to the friction
> heat generated in the brakes, it is also the
> effect of continued high pressures on the fluid
> when having to use the brakes repeatedly.
> But brake fade due to boiling also occurs,
> although less readily, with fresh clean fluid so I
> doubt if it is really possible to say when it is
> down to water contamination.
> Fade due to burnt out and deteriorated pads or
> even melted seals is even more terminal (!!!) but
> isn't attributable to water contamination.
> I have flushed through and replaced the fluid
> twice now since I fully rebuilt my car in 1999. So
> that is 3 times in total, over nearly 50,000
> miles. It is due to do again but this time I also
> need to renew the caliper pistons.
> I have thought that it would be good to be able to
> buy fluid of different colours. Then when
> renewing, you could choose a new colour and tell
> when the old was fully flushed out of the system!
> Guy
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> From: Guy R Day:  Brake fluid
> Guy,
> I take it you have never had brake failure due to
> boiling fluid!
> You can pump away as long as you wish and you will
> not get sufficient
> retardation to do anything other than look round
> for the easy recovery spot
> for your car.  The brakes do not work in any
> sensible measure.  Letting the
> fluid / brakes cool and then continuing will
> result in a squidgy pedal and
> brakes that boil quicker next time.  IF it does
> happen the handbrake may be
> your only saviour.
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