[Spridgets] Last Call!

Red Midget redmidget72 at yahoo.com
Tue Nov 27 13:33:38 MST 2007

OK, last call.  Someone here buy the car for $2000 cash and I will be out of your hair forever.  (Unless I happen to find a near perfect Bugeye in the next couple of months)  Oh and send Ed some money for me too!   The car is in Oak Ridge Tennessee, and has too be moved out of the garage before the new owner moves in.  Bring a trailer or tow dolly and take her home, to a good home, your home!
  If you can't buy the car, could some one move it 30 miles for $50?  
Red Midget <redmidget72 at yahoo.com> wrote:
  Buy my car, make Ed some money. Go to this link at Just Brits. 
Loosing the garage! Gotta move the car before December 3. Write to me at lonbird at hotmail not here. I may not see your post. 

See all the pictures and comments at http://community.webshots.com/album/559406907rrAaLk

Thanks, Lon
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