[Spridgets] No Compression

Andy Webster a_d_webster at yahoo.com.au
Mon Nov 26 01:47:39 MST 2007

put an end to the speculation and suspense..
  hope it's a gasket and pull the head.
  or first
  pull the rocker cover and check the rocker clearance on 5&6.
  if there is no head on either valve then I would expect  there will be zero rocker clearance
  if the engine still runs on 3 now though, removing the oil cap and radiator cap while running should offer some clues. 
  I have blown head gaskets and the cooling system becomes pressurised by the charge.
Billy Zoom <billyzoom at billyzoom.com> wrote:
  Connecting rod no longer connecting?
> Broken rings, cracked head, could be added to the list. Got blow by?
> Hole in the piston? broken/stuck valve?
a_d_webster at yahoo.com.au

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