[Spridgets] [Mgs] SOS '07 reflections....

Larry Daniels ladaniels at sbcglobal.net
Sun Nov 25 12:03:33 MST 2007

As Peter said, SOS '07 went off well, again.  We had between 20 and 25 
people there on Friday some of whom returned on Saturday to join some new 

Mr. and Mrs. Flounder were great hosts, as always.  They worked as hard at 
keeping us all fed and happy as any of us did at dismantling, giving new 
life to or tuning British iron.

As always there was lots of good food and good beer, including 6 growlers of 
fine micro-brew and many 6-packs of small brewery offerings -- and not a 
single Bud Light or Miller Lite disgraced the premises.

Many thanks to Peter for sticking with me in tracing down an ignition 
problem on the Ute that presented as an HT problem, but eventually, after 
much frustration, turned out to be a developmental piece in the LT side 
(twice).  We went back to standard parts and all was fine.  It's still a bit 
of a head scratcher to say why it worked out that way.  (Peter, I'm not 
ready to throw the towel in on that yet.  Now that we know to ignore what 
seems obvious, a third trial won't cause me to tear out what is left of my 

The good news is that, after all of our work, on the trip home the little 
Ute was able to exceed the factory's stated top speed by 5 MPH.  It now is 
capable of earning a speeding ticket that one could be proud of.  Now I need 
some high compression pistons from a 1622 cc MGA MkII and a decent 
intake/carb system.  Can you imagine the factory putting a single HS2 on a 
1622 cc B series motor?  That makes for slow with a capital 'S'.  We simply 
cannot have that.

Several of the guys got the widow's Midget running after 17 years in 
hibernation.  The thing actually sounded pretty good!  That was a nice thing 
to do and she seemed happy.

Unfortunately, we weren't able to find the time to tear down half of the 
Coon Crap Cars, but there are now many parts available to keep more worthy 
cars on the road.  Peter should have lots of shocks to rebuild for all of 
you guys.  Looks like there will be plenty of work available for a summer 
get-together.  Plus, the weather will be more amenable then to some go-kart 
racing on Flounder's track.

On a personal note, I was able to get through the whole weekend without 
succumbing to the "Curse of the Dream Farm".  No stops at the Emergency 
Clinic on the way home.  Yaaaay.


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