[Spridgets] Door Hinge question, please advise...

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Without seeing a photo of it, it would be difficult to say, exactly.
There are some "aftermarket" replacement panels out there that tend to
interpret the original panels pretty "loosely".  (One of)The true beauty
of the Spridget is that you can still buy virtually every body panel you
need from stock produced on the original tooling.  Sure, it'll cost you
a bit more (especially now, with the dollar falling), but, I like to
think that the labor-saving, derived from parts that FIT, more than
offsets the extra cost of the British Motor Heritage produced (the REAL
thing) panels.
Now, Moss may try to tell you that this panel or that panel is "not made
anymore".  Simply go to the BMH website (http://www.bmh-ltd.com/ ) and
find what you need.  Then, find a US or Canadian Brit car parts vendor
who'll order it for you.
The door hinge post/A-post, outer sill & rear quarter areas are prone to
rusting (understating the obvious, here), and, if not repaired properly,
will shout to the world (or, at least those of us who know what it
should look like) that whomever did the work is a putz.  So, take your
time, here, and make sure you don't "paint yourself into a corner".
Bud Osbourne

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Hello All;
I don't join in to discussion very much, but I listen all the time.
I have a shell in the garage that I am about to weld in new door hinges
the bottom of the door pillar.
My question is the replacement part comes with an "extra" piece of sheet
metal attached at the top of the hinge and is at a 90 degree angle to
It doesn't look like it belongs.  What do you do with it?  Do you
it out and weld into the pillar or take it off?  I took out the door
box and I am not replacing that.
Anyone know the answer to this one?  Any help would be much appreciated.

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