[Spridgets] Door Hinge question, please advise...

Monty Love cmlove at knology.net
Sat Nov 24 14:23:59 MST 2007

Hello All;
I don't join in to discussion very much, but I listen all the time.
I have a shell in the garage that I am about to weld in new door hinges in
the bottom of the door pillar.
My question is the replacement part comes with an "extra" piece of sheet
metal attached at the top of the hinge and is at a 90 degree angle to the
It doesn't look like it belongs.  What do you do with it?  Do you straighten
it out and weld into the pillar or take it off?  I took out the door light
box and I am not replacing that.
Anyone know the answer to this one?  Any help would be much appreciated.

Charles M. "Monty" Love
Dynetics, Inc.
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