[Spridgets] Front Suspension Re-assembly

Timothy H. Collins thcollin at mtu.edu
Sat Nov 24 08:27:11 MST 2007

Ages ago, I purchased a King Pin Kit for my '66 Sprite. Today I am 
finally unpacking things and getting ready to reassemble parts. I 
noticed that the Kit contains two O-rings, one with a circular cross 
section and the other with a rectangular cross section. I am assuming 
that these are used (both of them) in place of the single "sealing 
ring" mentioned in my Intereurope repair manual. The manual says 
about disassembly, ". . .then remove the bevelled cork sealing ring 
at the bottom of the swivel axle pin." The only cork rings in the Kit 
are for the fulcrum pin seals. So do I stack the o-rings and use them 
in place of the special beveled cork sealing ring? btw, the cork 
rings seem to be the same size, not large and small as mentioned in 
the manual.

Tim Collins 

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