[Spridgets] SOS '07 remote connection instruction

Wm. Severin Thompson wsthompson at thicko.com
Thu Nov 22 08:53:13 MST 2007

Hey y'all,


Please pay close attention to this, as when the SOS madness breaks out
tomorrow in the shop, there's little time to play "tech support" remotely.


When the camera is on, it will be apparent in the message next to the
"floundervision" name in your Yahoo Messenger friends list. You'll see the
camera icon and some sort of smartass caption.


Clicking on it will allow you to view the camera.


However, to hear what's going on, to type to us and the rest of the
viewers... you'll have to enter the conference. You must be invited to the
conference. Be patient. we'll get to you.


Here's a list of "do's and don'ts". 


1.       Please have the latest version of Yahoo Messenger. If you haven't
used it since SOS '06, you need to upgrade. Get it at <

2.       Don't ask us to view your camera. We're busy saving or mercy
killing Spridgets and have little time to watch you sittin' by your desk
with no pants on.

3.       Do have your speakers or headphones turned on and turned up,
otherwise you won't hear squat. I suggest running the "set up assistant" in
the "calling and audio" section of the "preferences".

4.       Do not try to initiate "offline" messages or calls. Myself, or
anyone else dumb enough to moderate the broadcast will be busier than a one
legged man in an ass kicking contest.

5.       If you have a microphone, you can speak to all in the conference,
as we in the shop can hear you too. We'll also have a mic, so be prepared
for rebuttal.

6.       Any questions you can't figure out, call the shop at (920)



Wm. Severin Thompson


 <mailto:wsthompson at thicko.com> wsthompson at thicko.com

 <http://www.thicko.com/> www.thicko.com

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